Year R

Giraffe Class Teacher  (RG):  Miss Holmes        Lion Class Teacher (RL): Mrs Barton                                                 EY HLTA: Mrs Hutchings        EY TA: Mrs Crowder

Our Reception Year children always have busy, activity filled days, as the term progresses, once you have  signed up for Target Tracker you will be able to see what your child’s day in school looks like.

Our school’s Curriculum Overview Statement shows you the main topics your child will be looking at across the year (see Key Information /  Our Curriculum). Parents will receive a Topic Newsletter giving more details about how and what the children will be learning through their topic (a copy of the Topic Newsletter will also be posted under Pupils / Curriculum)

What to expect in the Early Years Foundation Stage : a parent guide

NHS – How Best to Wash Your Hands

We have two Reception Year classes – Giraffe Class (RG) with Mrs Hillier & Miss Holmes  and  Lion Class (RL) with Mrs Barton

If you are ‘handing in’ or have any queries around your child’s work or homework you can email your child’s class teacher  –

Words for Life – a National Literacy website which is packed full of activities and story links for you to share with your child (0 – 13+)

Playing with Numbers      Top Tips for Playing with Numbers         Resources for Playing with Numbers               15 Ideas for Learning about Numbers

BBC Bitesize Activities for the Family                           Games & information on Health4Kids

Reading Top Tips .  Our Top Tips for Reading at Home with Your Child  Oxford Reading Owl free e-books

Purple Mash                  BBC Bitesize

Letter Formation Handwriting    .    Year R Learning Power Words  . Key Words to learn – explanatory letter      15 ideas for learning Key Words

Parents’ Guide to Read, Write Inc  – see how we teach Phonics

Year R – What to expect , when  4Chilcren birth to 5 yrs old                      Hungry Little Minds

The Book Trust – check them out! –  and they’ll even read you a story –  Time to Read  .

The Gingerbread Man Story     .    The Gingerbread Man Maths Fun

When Goldilocks went to the house of the Bears Song                Goldilocks and the Three Bears Story    .         

Happy Halloween! – Room on the Broom ;  What’s that sound counting song ;  Haunted House song & dance

Autumn Activities – join in and practise these songs Autumn Leaves Are Falling Down  and the Add Count Together Song

‘The Duck in the Truck’ story

We are leaning to sing and dance to these songs:  Banana, Banana, Meatball   ;  She’ll be coming round the mountain    ;  Runaway Train

Listen to some stories

There are more ideas for websites with games, songs, stories and activities under Key Information Links for Parent and on the Federation Home page under Useful Links