Our Vision

The Governing Body’s Vision:

The Federated Governing Body have a clear vision to ensure that the children achieve of their best academically, emotionally, socially and physically and that staff are enabled and supported to achieve our vision.  We work with the Leadership Team to enact the vision and also to hold leaders to account.

The Federated Governing Body is reflective in practice and has a range of experiences and skills to fulfil the expectations of school governance. By taking part in regular training the Governors ensure they develop the skills they already have and keep informed about current educational policies. This enables them to be challenging where necessary and also to work strategically.

As the Federated Governing Body continues to develop their new structure our overarching goal is to ensure that the children of Wallisdean can achieve their full potential in this ever changing world.

Ratified by FGB:        30/9/2020