Details of clubs will be given each term. For all after school clubs parental permission is required before a child may attend. Should a club need to be cancelled at short notice, parents will be contacted via ParentMail and the children will be kept in school until collected. Some clubs may be run by professionals outside of the school. There may be a small charge for some school clubs.


Lunchtime Activities:


We aim to create lunchtimes that give pupils a chance to develop many different skills, in a fun, exciting and challenging environment. We hope that children will really enjoy their breaks and come back to the classroom ready for the afternoon’s learning.


We have a team of adult Playleaders, who supervise children during lunchtime and lead a variety of games. There is usually an indoor option available, which includes art and craft and quiet activities. We also have a team of child Playleaders who have had special training to enable them to lead activities and games with groups of younger children.


Activities are ‘free-flow’, so that children can move between activities, or create their own games during their lunch break. There are lots of opportunities for children to invent their own games and for free play. However, if children are not making good choices, they will be directed to an adult-led activity.


We aim to use as much of our school grounds as possible throughout the year, whatever the weather!