The Governoring Body’s Vision:

At Wallisdean Junior School the Governors have a clear vision of what we want to achieve. With a self-reflecting culture and ever improving governance we journey towards excellence.

Along with our school’s culture of high expectations the Governors ensure that the curriculum is inspiring, exciting, and motivational as well as being balanced and deepening. 

The Governors continue to drive a strong bond between school and home with the pupil’s Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development at its soul. 

The Governors and staff continue to ensure the children are safe and that their welfare is at the forefront of daily life, with collective worship bringing the school together as one.

By taking part in regular training the Governors are ensuring they develop the skills they already have and keep informed about current educational policies. This enables them to be challenging where necessary and also to work strategically.

As Governors continue to push forward with their new committees and structure they have a vision of what the children of Wallisdean can be; independent, resourceful, resilient and confident which will enable each and every one of them to active their full potential in this ever changing world.